"IT manager"

I could be your "IT manager" and take care of your entire IT set up - of course in a close dialogue with You.
Maybe You could use my services for like a day a week?
I have had my own company since 2003 and obviously been my own IT manager as well. I also have been a key person in large companies (and a team lead as well) and been part of the strategic decisions in the internal IT area.
As a project manager I have run large mission critical projects involving design, purchase, installation, test, documentation and the handing over to the operation departments.

In a SMB (Small Medium Business) it is more likely to be about:
  • Purchase and installation
  • Overview of the entire IT within the company including documentation, operation and advising
  • Evaluation of current procedures possibly changing or automating them.
  • Preparing for emergency. Contact info? Passwords? Off-line operation plans ....
  • Evaluation on the IT security and suggestions on improvement if needed and financially sound.
  • "Marked analysis" small survey of products currently available and advice on purchase.
  • Backup. Does it work and is the strategy good enough to meet the purpose?

  • A wise IT manager I met once said: "No one ever needed a backup - but one may need to do a restore".
    It may sound obvious but do You actually know that You can do a restore if needed?
    I have personally experienced a company that diligently changed the backup tapes every day but did not check the log files. When the day came where they needed to do a restore it turned out that all the tapes were useless.

    My own backup strategy is rather simple. Every night automatic jobs are running doing backup of almost all files and the system (windows) using external USB 3.0 disks and an extra internal hard disk (for system backup).
    This means that I have to realise the need for a restore the same day the problem arises but that is OK for my needs. A strategic/economic decision.
    I also have an external backup that runs "on demand" to ensure that I have the most valuable data in case of fire or robbery (a NAS with 6Tb capacity accessible via the internet).

    As a company You are required by law to be able to produce your bookkeeping 5 years back in time.