IT support.

IT support is a general description including basically all technical problems with IT.
I have done a fair bit of work in this area. Among others I was external supporter for Matas A/S for 1½ years.

Consider the fact that time is running fast when in the company of a sick computer. It may be cheaper to just buy a new one. Buying a new however will not transfer data and programs from the old one.

Examples of tasks I could do for You:

  • (Buy a new PC), install and configure it and transfer data (mails, documents ...) and programs.

  • Fixing problems with a not completely broken down PC:
    • Generally slow? This COULD be caused by virus or some other form of "malware"
    • Some functions do not work as You expect
    • Does your PC and smart phone work together?
    • Does your PC act strange and You need a diagnose?
      Could be a hardware upgrade was in order.

  • Some upgrade? Maybe a second monitor? Larger hard drive? ....

  • I also know my way around AV equipment - even though I am no expert.