Price. I choose to be a bargain.

The company is only me. I have no fancy office and I don't have many expenses. Therefore I am happy with a low but fair price of 450,- + moms (VAT).

I live in the centre of Hillerød and expect to be able to go to your place if inside city limits within a reasonable time frame so I will not charge You for my transportation time.

Should You be located outside of Hillerød I can expect to spent more of my time on the road and I will charge You 100,- for that time if the task is smaller than 4 hours and transportation therefore a relative larger part the time consumption.

Payment will be to my company account in Lån&Spar, Hillerød: 0400 * 4020446116 but this information will be on the invoice as well.
Payment is expected within 5 work days unless we have agreed to some other arrangement.