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Welcome to my site.
I have decided to start working normal hours and am therefore unable to help you during normal work hours.

IT support

  • General problems? Virus attack? Slow PC?
  • First time installation of PC with transfer of data from the old one.
  • Print, phone, cloud
  • I am pretty comfortable with windows :-).
  • Programming of scripts for automating standard jobs or program installation (VBScript (MAPI, WSH, AD), .bat, REXX)
  • Maintenance of simple web sites. I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP (much like VBScript).
    Experience as Webmaster. This site is written in HTML5.
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"IT Manager"

  • Project management and implementation of IT tasks/projects
  • Review of your installation. Documentation, economy, purchase, current solutions, security
  • Advices based on your business goals and needs.
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Network and servers

  • Network: New? Insufficient coverage? Instability? Unsafe? Expensive?
  • Administration of (windows) servers
  • Should You have a server or buy a service (cloud)? Counselling.
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Contact Fremad data

Prices and economy not relevant as I currently do not take jobs

About me and my business.

  • Fremad data was first born in 2003 myself in 1958 ;-)
  • I have studied Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen (DIKU). I have been a system programmer, specialist in network, servers, printers .... (level 3 supporter and road warier (system consulant))
  • I have been an infrastructure project manager (PRINCE2 certified) and lately I have been a recruiter (head-hunter)
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There are things I have to admit are not my strongest features. I have made a small list of the ones I am able to think of at the moment.